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2012 Chief Selectees at the Park

The Chief selectees on the job

On Friday, 31 August, a group of eight Chief Petty Officer selectees came to the Park to perform a portion of their community service as part of their initiation and training. The selectees were from the submarines USS Miami, USS Pasadena and the SERE and NSA Prospect Harbor commands.

It was a beautiful day for working in the park, with very little humidity and not too hot. COB Norm Bower did his usual outstanding job of preparation and assumed a leadership role during the entire period.  He got everyone going and worked alongside them during the entire period. He also stayed late to assist with the cleanup.  

The selectees painted the remaining three sides of the Visitor's Center, including the trim. This completed the building painting begun during the last Day of Caring in May. They also trimmed back to seven feet the tall shrub near the Visitor's Center, and it looks great. The selectees chopped down the old tree in front of the Albacore and cut down all of the cattails. All of the fence poles were painted around the Albacore and rust spots touched up. A careful trimming job was done in the Memorial Garden around the Dolphin. While all this was going on, Norm and Park Executive Director John Maier installed a "Caution Children" sign near the entrance to the Park's parking lot.

The Park treated all to coffee and coffee cake in the morning and MOES sandwiches for lunch. Every selectee received a gift of either an Albacore mug, hat or challenge coin. John Maier commented, "They were a great group of guys, and I feel honored to have been able to work with them. Thanks to all and a special thanks to Norm for making it all happen. There is no way that all this could have done it without him."

Our congratulations and thanks go to this year's group of soon-to-be Chief Petty Officers as they continue their rise in positions of leadership and responsibility in our Navy.