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2012 Navy History Day

Navy History Day banner

Saturday, August 18th saw Albacore Park and the John Paul Jones House celebrate Navy History Day. It was on that date in 1812 that the Navy frigate Constitution defeated and captured the HMS Guerriere. A number of tall posters scattered around the propeller field presented information about the Navy's role in that war. Several tents set up around the Park covered an eating area, a children's coloring book table, the Superintendent's registration table and an area for lectures and seating.

Two local authors gave presentations on their recent books. Captain Rod Watterson, author of "32 in 44, Building the Submarine Fleet in World War II" described how the shipyard ramped up from building two subs per year in the 30's and managed to turn out 32 boats in 1944. Local historian J. Dennis Robinson discussed his book "America's Privateer: Lynx and the War of 1812."

Also on that Saturday, the National Association of Superintendents held their 100th anniversary celebration in conjunction with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Superintendents Association and the Albacore Park Board of Directors. This celebration had been postponed several times. Anyone working at the shipyard was admitted free to the Park and to the Albacore. The weather cooperated, and a good crowd kept the parking lot full throughout the day. Shipmates Norm Bower, Butch Jordan, Larry Leppard and Jack Hunter tended the brows to regulate traffic flowing on board and answer questions.

The museum store was kept busy selling Moes sandwiches, soft drinks and water, as well as numerous souvenirs to the enthusiastic crowd of visitors. Glenda Bower and Sheila Jordan pitched in and aided Park Executive Director John Maier and Park employee Jim Sears with the tidal wave of purchases.

Superintendants Association banner and registration area

General view of the Park

Tents and large posters around the park

Children's coloring table

Test tank for subs